Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Target Deals!

Well, I knew that Target had some great deals to be had, so Macy and I headed out on Saturday to see what we could find! (Luckily daddy and the boys stayed behind, because this was one LONG trip!) As we pulled into the parking lot at Target, it was very clear that EVERYONE had left their Easter shopping until the last minute. Since it was the first nice day in a long time, we decided to park way at the end...you know...by the round-a-bout thingies....I'm talking all the way out! Deciding that I was unwilling to be hassled by any cashier about using multiple coupons in a transaction, I filled up my cart, separated all of the items into SEVEN transactions, put one transaction in a basket, parked the cart in the women's underwear section, and set out to complete my first transaction. Macy and I paid for it, carried it out to the car and returned to our cart to load up another basket full. We continued this pattern until all seven transactions had been paid for and carried out to the car. Two and a half hours later, one red slushie, a Dt. Pepsi and two pretzels later, we were finished!!! (The slushie and pretzel is worth every penny to keep a four year old happy for a 2 and a half hour long shopping trip!)

Here is what we got:

6-Pledge multi-surface sprays - .39 each
6-Cheetos (small bags by register) -.29 each
6-M.P. Artisan bread loaves - free
6-M.P. Fruit snacks (small, by registers) - free
4- Dole bagged lettuce - .69 each
2- Dozen eggs - .99 each
3 - Natures source cleaners - 1.19 each
2 - All 3X laundry detergent - 1.54 each
4 - All 3X laundry detergent - 2.54 each
3 - Hershey's Bliss chocolates - .99 each
1 - large bunch of bananas - 2.50 each
3 - gallons skim milk - 2.29 each
8 - Dry Idea deoderants - free
2 - Fiber One granola bars (small by register ) - .03 each
1- Texas toast croutons - .57
5 - A1 steak sauce (small bottle) - .09 each
1- Gillette Power razor - .92 each
1- Gillette shaving gel - .92 each

Total before coupons = $143.42
Total after coupons = $47.22
Total saved = $98.70


  1. Ok, you are absolutely amazing!!! But we already knew that didn't we? I just have two questions for you: 1) Could you make the same magic happen at Menards? and 2) What are you guys doing with all the A-1?

  2. To answer your questions:
    1) Have not yet figured out a way to get lumber, lighting fixtures or caulk for free

    2)No idea....got any recipes that call for a LOT of A1?

  3. do you usually have to do more that one transaction to get all of your coupons used up?

  4. Hmmm. . . It's always good for putting in burgers before you cook them or I'm sure we could come up with something creative to do with bloody mary's. Let me know when the popov vodka is on special after that little one gets here and we'll work on it!

  5. Great idea....I'll be looking forward to that vodka drenched pickle!

  6. Ok...explain the free bread and fruit snacks...they were mean to me at Target..acted as if I was doing something wrong...any advice?

  7. This is so awesome...I wish I could do this!