Thursday, April 16, 2009

Target and The Ever-Changing Coupon Policy! you all read about how I did SEVEN transactions on Saturday right? It took me two and a half hours! Well, I was there today (Waterloo Target store) and the manager (who was very snippy with me two weeks ago) apparently recognized me (Oh my- I am THAT lady now! You know, the one that when I walk in the door, the manager and cashiers all think, "Oh....I hope I don't get that coupon lady...she is so annoying!) Anyway, she recognized me and came over to let me know that the store manager had decided that it was too much work for the cashiers to do multiple transactions, (somebody tried to tell them that.....) so they are now letting us use MULTIPLE Target coupons in just one transaction! Yippeeee!!! That will make my life a LOT easier and my trips MUCH shorter!

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  1. ha ha funny that she recognized you! You should feel proud to be as the coupon lady! :)