Saturday, April 18, 2009

By Popular Demand: How I Get the Deals That I Get

Okay, so from what I'm gathering, people who are reading this blog want to know exactly HOW I get my totals down so low. I had no idea that so many people would be interested in learning how to coupon, but the response has been amazing and I am thrilled to help as many people as I can! I am going to show you how I got my totals so low this week and then early next week, I will try and post some store sales and coupon match-ups so that you guys can put together your own shopping lists. Here is what I got at Target on Thursday and HOW I used coupons and sales to score some great deals:

5 - Market Pantry fruit snacks (small packages by register), $.89 - used five $1.00/1 Target coupons found here. = FREE (You can print off as many of these online Target coupons as you want.)
7 - Johnson's Buddies Soaps, $.97 - used seven $.75/1 Target coupons found here. = $.22 each
2- Dole Salad, $1.69 - used two $1.00/1 Target coupons found here. = $.69 each
2- Suave Kids Hair Detangler, $1.78 - used one $1.00/2 manufacturer coupon = $2.74 for two
6-A1 steak sauce, $2.09 - used 6 $2.00/1 manufacturer coupons = $.09 each
4-Nature Valley Granola bars, (small box by register) on clearance for $.74 - used four $.60/1 printable coupon (no longer available) = $.14 each
2-Yo-Plus yogurt, on sale for $1.50 - used 2 $1.00/1 printables (no longer available) = $.50 each
3-Tuna Creations packets, on sale for $1.33 each - used 3 $1.00/1 manufacturer coupons from the March All You! Magazine (these are found exclusively at Walmart and contain LOTS of great coupons every month - definitely worth $2.24) = $.33 each

As you can see, I am constantly keeping my eyes open for items that are on sale and then going through my coupons to see if I might have a coupon to match up with that sale. That is how you get stuff REALLY CHEAP or even FREE!

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