Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Super Score at Walgreens and CVS!

Since we were in Cedar Falls last night for class, we decided to stop at Walgreens and CVS for a couple of quick deals. I am super-excited about our finds! Check out our deals and then read on to find out why the stop was an even sweeter deal!

In order to get each Ecotrin to print out a $2 register reward, I had to do this transaction a total of 6 times. Also, since the asprin was only $2 and the coupon was for $2.25, I had to have a filler item that was at least $.25 (my kids will love these crackers!):

Transactions #1-6
1- Ecotrin Asprin, on sale for $2.00
1- Mac&Cheese crackers, $.25
-used (1) Ecotrin $2.25/1 printable
Total = $.14 (this is the tax amount for the Ecotrin)
Paid = $.14 cash
Received $12 in Register Rewards!!! (I will use these later in the week to purchase the Pull-Ups that they have on sale. When combined with (2) $3/1 manufacturer coupons, I will get two packages of Pull-Ups for FREE and get a $2 Register Reward - Woo Hoo!!!!)

Transaction #7
1- gallon skim milk, $2.21
1- Ecotrin asprin, $2.00
-used (1) Ecotrin $2.25/1 printable
6- cans Campbells chicken noodle soup, $1.39
-used Walgreens in-ad coupon, $.59/can (took off a total of $4.46)
-used $1/2 printable (using both coupons made each can ONLY $.09!)
Total = $2.64
Paid = $2.64 on my Walgreens gift card ($0 out of pocket)
Received $2 Register Reward

So how could this deal get even sweeter you ask? Well, last week I was there to pick up some Post Trail Mix crunch which was on sale for $2.50 and I had a $2/1 printable, making it just $.50 a box. I had read that if you purchased five boxes, it would print out a $5 RR. They only had four boxes, so I put a box of Fruity Pebbles in there with it (same manufacturer). The items rang up and I paid, but it did not print out the register reward. Wanting to get the best deal that I could, I asked if I could just return the items and wait to see if I could get the deal to work later in the week or at a different store. The manager was very nice about it, but she was having a hard time doing the return (since I had used coupons I guess it complicated it a bit). We needed to get to class, so she told me to take the cereal with me and she would call me as soon as she knew how to do the return and then we could come back after class and do the return. She called and left a message for me while we were in class, but at that point, we decided that $4.50 for 5 boxes of cereal was still a good deal and we headed home. Well, last night she just so happened to be working again, saw me and said, "I have something for you!" After we checked out, she walked up to me and apologized for the inconvenience of last week's transaction and handed me back all four of my coupons that I had used PLUS the $4.50 that I had paid for the cereal!!!! I kindly thanked her, but explained to her that we had taken the cereal with us and that she didn't need to do that! She insisted and said that the store manager also insisted since last week's transaction had taken quite a bit of our time. Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE THAT WALGREENS?!?! I will be writing an e-mail to their corporate office today giving that store and manager Laree high praises!

4- Trail Mix Crunch Cereal, $2.50 (sale price)
-used (4) $2.00/1 printable
Total = $2.00 (just $.50 a box!)

What deals are you planning to get this week??? Share them here!

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