Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quick? Walmart Stop

What started off as a quick stop ended up taking much longer than usual (doesn't it always take longer than usual at Walmart?) Anyway, what started off as a tiny list - 3 items - turned into 19 items! Not to worry....I had enough coupons to get 19 items for $6.31. Oh wait....I was overcharged! That's right, check your receipts before you leave the store because ALMOST ALWAYS I find that I was overcharged for something! After visiting customer service for a price adjustment (on three out of 19 items) my total was brought down to just $4.85!!

Here is what we got:

2 -Mission tortilla chips - 1.15 ea.
4 - Fresh strawberries...yummmm!!!! - 1.18 ea.
4- Knox gelatin - free plus $2.72 overage on each one!
1- Turkey lunch meat - 3.57 ea.
1 - Bologna lunch meat - 1.98 ea.
3 - Glucerna cereal - free plus 1.06 overage on each one (plus I will get $3 in rebates for these)
1- Bakery rolls - 1.50 on sale
2- whole wheat sandwhich bread - 1.47 each
1- All You! magazine (has TONS of coupons in it!) - 1.74 ea.

Total before coupons = $38.19
Total after coupons and rebate = $1.85
Total saved = $36.34


  1. Thought I left a comment earlier but now it's not here....

    I'm so glad you have a blog! And I'm hoping it'll inspire me to actually do this whole couponing thing. I am totally impressed. Overwhelmed and not completely convinced it is something I could actually do, but I LOVE these amazing deals that you are getting!

    What I really want to know is this...will you please come to TN and do this FOR me every week??? :)

  2. Jen, I won't lie - this takes some serious time to get started, but now that I'm in the "groove" of couponing, it seems to be much easier and takes much less time. I of course have one rule and that is to NOT take my kids with me shopping anymore (okay, I usually take one, but that is easy!). When they are all along, it is much too complicated and stressful!

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  4. You should've picked up about 10 more bags of chips. Those 2 aren't going to put much of a dent in all that salsa you've got sitting around!!:)