Wednesday, April 22, 2009

FREE Glade Candles Plus Small Money Maker at Target

Use the $4/1 Glade The Fragrance Collection printable at Target to actually earn money on your purchase!

Through 5/11 when you purchase two Glade Fragance Collection Soy Candles (4.9-oz.) at $5.79 each, you’ll receive a $5 Target gift card.

Buy (2) Glade The Fragrance Collection Candle, $5.79 ea.
Use (2) $4/1 Glade The Fragrance Collection printable
Get $5 Target gift card wyb 2
Better than FREE after coupons and GC!

I am then going to take my $15 in Target GC's (we have three computers to print from, so I can do this transacation three times to earn $15 in gift cards) and purchase two mega packs of Cottonelle toilet paper (plus I have two $1.00/1 MFCs) to earn another $5 GC that I will put towards my grocery items that I purchase this week. This should make for some VERY CHEAP toilet paper and almost free groceries! Yippee!!


  1. Got the coupons for you Linds.


  2. Hey Lindsey,
    I am reading your blog!! I have the $4 fragrance coupons printed off. I am curious how you print them from multiple computers, because I tried to print another 2 on my laptop and since you have to put your information in, it recognizes my address and says I have printed my limit, so even with 2 computers, I was only able to get 2.
    Any advice??

  3. Michael's rear will be thanking you for this!:)

  4. Cortney-Ha ha...figured your rear would appreciate it too!

    Kiley- hmmm...maybe try using Eric's name and his parent's address or your parent's or whatever (as long as you don't think they will care of course!) Actually, Michael printed these off for me today...once from his laptop and once from his desktop at work and it worked for him...I'll ask him how to do it and get back to you!

  5. Kiley-
    I guess that michael used a different name, address and e-mail address to print his off. He probably used Mike Roberts and Michael Roberts or something like that, his parents address on one and then a different e-mail for each one. We both set up new gmail accounts to use when we sign up for stuff like that so that our regular e-mail accounts don't get bombarded with manufacturer e-mails. Hope that helps!