Monday, April 20, 2009


Have you guys heard about Swagbucks yet? It is my new favorite way to search the web. It is so simple to use and the best part is that it is powered by Google and, so you get great search results! Here is how it works: You search the Internet through the Swagbucks site (like you would anyway) and randomly throughout the day, you will win swagbucks. These "bucks" can be redeemed for tons of cool things like Amazon gift cards, Target gift cards, electronics, mp3 downloads and MORE! Once you get started, you can invite your friends to join and guess what? When they win "bucks" so do you! Do you see how this thing can really snowball? I've heard of people earning $200 a month in Amazon gift cards just by searching through Swagbucks! (This would be a great way to purchase Christmas or birthday gifts without going broke!) There are lots of other ways to earn "bucks" as well. Just go here to sign up and start winning "bucks"! Our personal goal is to build up enough swagbucks to purchase a new computer! How great would that be? A FREE COMPUTER!!! What are you waiting for? Get Swagbucking!

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