Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Day-Long Shopping Extravaganza

I had one of THE BEST SHOPPING DAYS EVER!!! I shopped at 3 Walgreens stores, 2 CVS stores, Walmart, Target and Hy-Vee and man, did I find some GREAT deals! Before I start, let me just tell you that the cashiers at the Thunder Ridge CVS store and the Thunder Ridge Walgreens in Cedar Falls are so helpful and are some of the nicest people in town! Thank you, thank you, thank you to those two stores!!! Check out these pictures and the deals that I was able to find today!

Total before coupons: $53.58
Total coupons used: $36.61
Total after coupons: $16.97
(I paid for the pop and can deposit and tax on the detergent and Softsoap - otherwise the detergent and soap were completely FREE!)

Total before coupons: $67.73
Total coupons used: $53.00
Total spent: $14.73
(Almost everything was on clearance. According to my Walgreens receipts, I saved $197.76 off the original retail prices of these items!)

Total Before Coupons: $31.13
Total coupons: $8.62
Total spent: $22.51

Total before coupons: $41.51
Total coupons used: $33.32
Total spent: $8.19

Total before coupons: $69.54
Total coupons and rebate: $72.44
Total spent: I MADE $2.90!

Grand Totals for the Day:
Total before coupons and rebates: $263.49
Total coupons and rebates: $203.99
Total spent: $61.60
Is this not reason enough to start using coupons?!?!?!?!?!?!

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  1. Way to go Linds! It looks like we may have to add on to our house if you keep coming home with deals like this! Our pantry is overflowing!