Monday, April 26, 2010

Meal Plan Monday - 4/26/10

Monday - Red beans and rice, green beans (in freezer)
Tuesday - Hamburgers, oven baked onion rings
Wednesday - Pasta Bake and bread (in freezer)
Thursday - Dinner at the McCarter's house :)
Friday - Scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, sausage
Saturday - Church night (sandwiches in the car)
Sunday - ? (I need to make next  month's menu plan!)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Meal Plan Monday - 4/19/10

Monday - Hamburgers, baked potato
Tuesday - Burritos, refried beans and rice (all three in freezer)
Wednesday - Steak, corn, cornbread muffins (muffins in freezer)
Thursday - Spinach salad and sandwich
Friday - PLC Volunteer Dinner (a night out for mom and dad - yay!)
Saturday - Sloppy Joes and baked zucchini fries (sloppy joe in freezer)
Sunday - Popcorn/leftovers

I'm wondering if anyone has some Weight Watcher-ish, freezer friendly meals that they'd like to share? I'm looking for something new for next month's freezer cooking day! 

Monday, April 12, 2010

Meal Plan Monday - 4/12/10

Monday - Broccoli and Beef stir-fry and brown rice (steak cooked, veg and rice in freezer)
Tuesday - Scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, toast and jelly
Wednesday - Spinach and rice casserole and cooked carrots (in freezer)
Thursday - Sloppy Joes and oven-baked onion rings (sloppy joes in freezer)
Friday - Tuna Melts and green beans
Saturday - Chili and cornbread muffins (in freezer)
Sunday - Homemade pizza (in freezer)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

OAMC for April is DONE!!!!

I finally finished up my OAMC list this morning, thank goodness! I'm not sure that I could've handled standing on my feet much longer and I have some serious dish-pan hands that need some TLC right now. The kids helped me make a quadruple batch of blueberry pancakes (WW recipe) and I baked up the cookie dough that we mixed up yesterday afternoon.  Just a side note here about the pancakes: I had some fat-free vanilla soy milk in my freezer that I used in this recipe and it was SO GOOD! It gave the pancakes such a yummy flavor and from now on, whenever I see this stuff on sale I'm gonna stock up for my baking projects! Yum!

Here are the kids enjoying the blueberry pancakes. The way they were putting them away I wasn't sure we'd have any left but thankfully after THREE, they decided their tummies were finally full!

Even Tade got to have a pancake this morning and boy, did he enjoy it! Just look at that smile!

We ended up with about four dozen cookies and enough blueberry pancakes to last us another two or three breakfasts for the kiddos. I am thankful to have a fully stocked freezer but I am even more thankful to be DONE! (Until May anyways when I'll tackle this seemingly impossible task yet again!)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

OAMC: Day Two (and still not finished!) Results

Holy smokes! After about 10 hours on my feet in the kitchen, I am ready to sit down and relax for a bit! Wow - next time I am wearing my Asics while I cook so these poor feet don't hurt so bad!

I started off around 9:00 this morning cooking up some sausage and hamburger for use in breakfast burritos and sloppy joes.

Then I got out my breakfast burrito ingredients and assembled 14 burritos with egg whites, sausage, onion, green peppers and cheese. Yummy!

Macy got home from preschool and wanted to help in the kitchen. you see that mess??? I think I did dishes almost as long as I cooked food! 

Anyway, Macy helped me whip together our healthy chocolate chip cookie dough. We didn't get the cookies made yet, but the dough is ready and we plan to bake them tomorrow morning. 
She is such a good little helper!

Along with cookies I also did up 3 batches of baked brown rice,

cooked up two boxes of whole wheat pasta for my Spinach pasta bakes,

and made another batch of crockpot refried beans. I let these cool and then put them in the food processor to make really yummy, really healthy and really cheap refried beans to use in burritos and as side dishes.

To finish off the day I made 30 bean, rice and cheese burritos and did a whole counter full of dirty dishes. All in all I'd say that today was a pretty big success. Tomorrow morning Macy is going to help me make two batches of blueberry pancakes and we'll bake our chocolate chip cookies. That will complete our April OAMC!! Yippee!! Check out my final results below:
30  - bean, rice and cheese burritos
14- egg and sausage breakfast burritos
3 - 1.5 lb. bags of sloppy joe meat
8 - 4 cup bags of brown rice
16- cups of refried beans

2 - Spinach pasta bakes
4- batches of "healthy" chocolate chip cookie dough

April OAMC - Day One

So pleased with myself that I actually remembered to soak the beans before I went to bed Monday night, I woke up yesterday thinking that I had this whole OAMC thing in the bag. I quickly realized what I had forgotton to do:

1. Thaw out hamburger
2. Thaw out sausage
3. Thaw out steak
Off to a great start, huh? Oh - there's more.
4. Ran out of eggs
5. Forgot to buy blueberries
6. No cheese for burritos
7. Ran out of rice

It became quite apparent right off the get-go that I wasn't nearly as prepared as I had thought! I managed to push through and get some of my cooking done and then made a quick trip to town (right as the storm hit which produced golf-ball sized hail. Thank goodness for gas stations and over-hangs that saved my vehicle!) for the remaining ingredients. By the end of the day yesterday I was able to cook up two batches of rice,

a batch of crockpot refried beans 

and I got my scrambled eggs whites with onion and green pepper ready to go for my breakfast burritos.

I have been working like crazy in the kitchen all morning to try and get my OAMC list finished by the end of the day today. As of right now, I still have to assemble my burritos, make two pasta bakes, grill up my steak, make a quadruple batch of chocolate chip cookies and a double batch of blueberry pancakes. YIKES!!! Check back later to see if I am able to pull it off!

Monday, April 5, 2010

April OAMC Master Plan

FINALLY, I have my April OAMC Master Plan in place and ready to go! I just couldn't bear the idea of cooking up a whole bunch of food right before Easter and frankly, I just didn't feel like doing it today either. However, I have my beans pre-soaking and am ready to put on my apron first thing tomorrow morning. Now, due to the fact that my freezers are still VERY FULL, I am not going to be making nearly as much food this month as I did in March. I need to get these freezers emptied out in preparation for all of the produce we'll get from the garden this summer. Here is what is on my "to do" list for tomorrow:

Pasta Bake x 2

Bean and Rice Brown Bag Burritos x 30
(I follow this basic method, but just fill mine with refried beans, brown rice and cheese)

Breakfast Brown Bag Burritos x 10
(I'm gonna fill these with scrambled egg whites w/onions and peppers, sausage, and cheese. Hopefully these will be a quick and healthy breakfast item for my hubby to grab in the mornings.)

Sloppy Joes x 2

Blueberry pancakes x 3

Baked brown rice x 2

Crockpot Refried Beans x 1

Healthy chocolate chip cookies x  4

I will also grill up a package of sirloin, cut it up and freeze for use in salads and wraps

Wish me luck! (Or should I say wish me well-behaved children and a whole lot of patience?) Tune in tomorrow for pictures and progress reports!

Meal Plan Monday - 4/05/10

Monday - Egg Salad Sandwiches, green beans
Tuesday - Hamburgers, oven fries
Wednesday - Burritos, refried beans, rice (in freezer)
Thursday - Steak salad (w/egg), sandwiches
Friday - Pasta bake, bread (carb-loading for my 1st 5K!) (in freezer)
Saturday - Steak, corn and potato packets (if I survive the 5K!)
Sunday - Homemade Bacon Cheeseburger pizza (dough in freezer)