Thursday, April 8, 2010

OAMC for April is DONE!!!!

I finally finished up my OAMC list this morning, thank goodness! I'm not sure that I could've handled standing on my feet much longer and I have some serious dish-pan hands that need some TLC right now. The kids helped me make a quadruple batch of blueberry pancakes (WW recipe) and I baked up the cookie dough that we mixed up yesterday afternoon.  Just a side note here about the pancakes: I had some fat-free vanilla soy milk in my freezer that I used in this recipe and it was SO GOOD! It gave the pancakes such a yummy flavor and from now on, whenever I see this stuff on sale I'm gonna stock up for my baking projects! Yum!

Here are the kids enjoying the blueberry pancakes. The way they were putting them away I wasn't sure we'd have any left but thankfully after THREE, they decided their tummies were finally full!

Even Tade got to have a pancake this morning and boy, did he enjoy it! Just look at that smile!

We ended up with about four dozen cookies and enough blueberry pancakes to last us another two or three breakfasts for the kiddos. I am thankful to have a fully stocked freezer but I am even more thankful to be DONE! (Until May anyways when I'll tackle this seemingly impossible task yet again!)

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  1. Lindsey,
    I had two of the breakfast burritos this morning and they were awesome!! Keep up the good work!