Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April OAMC - Day One

So pleased with myself that I actually remembered to soak the beans before I went to bed Monday night, I woke up yesterday thinking that I had this whole OAMC thing in the bag. I quickly realized what I had forgotton to do:

1. Thaw out hamburger
2. Thaw out sausage
3. Thaw out steak
Off to a great start, huh? Oh - there's more.
4. Ran out of eggs
5. Forgot to buy blueberries
6. No cheese for burritos
7. Ran out of rice

It became quite apparent right off the get-go that I wasn't nearly as prepared as I had thought! I managed to push through and get some of my cooking done and then made a quick trip to town (right as the storm hit which produced golf-ball sized hail. Thank goodness for gas stations and over-hangs that saved my vehicle!) for the remaining ingredients. By the end of the day yesterday I was able to cook up two batches of rice,

a batch of crockpot refried beans 

and I got my scrambled eggs whites with onion and green pepper ready to go for my breakfast burritos.

I have been working like crazy in the kitchen all morning to try and get my OAMC list finished by the end of the day today. As of right now, I still have to assemble my burritos, make two pasta bakes, grill up my steak, make a quadruple batch of chocolate chip cookies and a double batch of blueberry pancakes. YIKES!!! Check back later to see if I am able to pull it off!

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  1. Holy crap! Good Luck! I am planning on trying this whole freezer food thing... Just trying to get my garden started first!!