Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hy-Vee and Fareway Deals 7/22/09

FINALLY!!!! It appears that there are finally some pretty good deals to be had this week at both Hy-Vee and Fareway. Check out the lists below for just a few of the deals that I think are worth getting in on this week. ALso, if you still have Kraft coupons, you might be able to snag some of these items for SUPER CHEAP or even FREE!

Pepsi 24 pk. - $5.99
Kraft MacnCheese - 2/$1 (there was a buy 3, get one free printable out there)
Jacks Pizza - 5/$11
Fareway white or wheat cottage bread - $.88 (GREAT PRICE!)
Wonder hamb. or hot dog buns - $.88 (GREAT PRICE!)
red or green grapes - $1.49/lb.
carrots, 2lb. bag - $.99
Kraft BBQ sauce - $.99
Kraft shredded cheese - 2/$3


Dannon Yogurt - 10 for $1.90
green grapes - $.99/lb.
Hunts ketchup - $.98
Hy-Vee applesauce - $.97
brown or powdered sugar - $.99
Blue Bunny ice cream - $1.99
Hy-Vee butter - $1.68
Hy-Vee cottage bread - $1.28

Introducing......Tade Grayson Roberts

I am happy to announce that we welcomed Tade Grayson Roberts into our family on July 13th at 8:17 p.m. Tade weighed 9lbs, 1oz. and was 21 1/2 inches long. He has been a wonderful baby and everyone has adjusted well to the change in our family. Macy, Drew and Levi all fight over who gets to hold him first in the mornings and they LOVE to give their new baby brother LOTS of smooches during the day. I am feeling great and loving my new little guy! I am even thinking that after his doctor's appointment on Monday that I may hit up the new Cedar Falls Target store and see if I can get back into my weekly coupon routine. I hope to back up and blogging about my deals shortly - until then, thanks for your patience and keep on couponing!

Friday, July 10, 2009

No Baby Yet = More Coupon Shopping!

Okay, so I had kind of expected to either have the baby by now or at least be miserable at home, almost ready to have the baby. Too bad I'm feeling great and am not seeing any signs that he/she will be here in the next day or so. I decided today that I might as well go through my coupon stash and get some last minute deals in before the little one arrives. Macy and I headed out this afternoon and though we didn't need a whole lot, we were able to get some pretty good bargains. I kind of expect this to be my last shopping trip for a couple of weeks, but if that little guy/gal still hasn't shown up by next week, then you will undoubtedly find me on another coupon shopping spree!

2-Sparkle Paper Towels, $2.73
2-Angel soft 4pk. toilet paper, $1.00
-used (2) $2/1 wyb Sparkle and Angel Soft printable
4-Cottonelle 4pk. toilet paper, $1.00
-used (2) $.50/2 MFC
1-Cascade, $3.14
-used (1) Free MFC
4- Mac n Cheese, $.50
-used (1) B3G1 Free printable
3-croutons, $.98
2-Wacky Mac, $1.26
-used (2) $.75/1 MFC

Total before coupons= $22.05
Total after coupons= $11.92

6- Kashi cereal bars, $2.50
-used (6) $1.50/1 printables
-used (3) $1/2 Target coupons
4- Velveeta shells and Cheese, $.99
-used (2) B1G1 Free MFC
-used (2) $1/2 MFC
4- Easy Mac, $.73
-used (2) B1G1 Free MFC
-used (2) $1/2 MFC (overage of $1.08 on these!)
2- Barilla Piccolini, $1.00
-used (2) $.75/1 printables
3- Driscoll's Strawberries, $1.99
-used (3) $1/1 Target coupons
2- Eggo Bakeshop, $1.50
-used (2) $1/1 printables

Total before coupons= $32.85
Total after coupons= $6.39

1- Medium eggs, $.89
-used (1) $.49 Hy-Vee coupon
2- Rice Krispies, $2.00
-used (2) $1/1 MFC
2- Froot Loops, $2.00
-used (2) $1.50/1 MFC
4.16 lbs. Bananas @ $.49/lb, $2.04
2- Hy-vee 5lbs. potatoes, $.99

Total before coupons= $12.92
Total after coupons= $7.52