Monday, April 19, 2010

Meal Plan Monday - 4/19/10

Monday - Hamburgers, baked potato
Tuesday - Burritos, refried beans and rice (all three in freezer)
Wednesday - Steak, corn, cornbread muffins (muffins in freezer)
Thursday - Spinach salad and sandwich
Friday - PLC Volunteer Dinner (a night out for mom and dad - yay!)
Saturday - Sloppy Joes and baked zucchini fries (sloppy joe in freezer)
Sunday - Popcorn/leftovers

I'm wondering if anyone has some Weight Watcher-ish, freezer friendly meals that they'd like to share? I'm looking for something new for next month's freezer cooking day! 

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  1. Mmmmmmmm!!! Well I make a mexican lasagna and I think it was like 8 points per serving. It is VERY filling. I am going to plug it into the recipe builder on weight watchers though and see if I can get the points value down a little more. I didn't use and "diet" food while making it so I am sure I can get the points value to go down. I'll let you know