Monday, January 11, 2010

Toilet paper challenge: UPDATE

Rolls of toilet paper needed for one year stockpile: 700
Rolls of toilet paper acquired in week one: 128
Rolls of toilet paper needed to reach goal: 572
Percent of toilet paper goal completed: 18.2%


  1. I need help! I want to stockpile tp, too, but I can't figure out the whole ECB/RR thing. Maybe you could swing down here next week and help me out???

  2. Jen- Here are a couple of tutorials from Hip 2 Save that might help you get started. Also, check out Money Saving Madness (on my blog list)as she is the one doing the toilet paper challenge this month and has some deal scenarios posted on her site. Oh, and I would love to swing down there, but if I'm going to travel all those miles, I want it to be warmer! Good luck!

  3. Hi Lindsey, I am still trying to figure this out... you bought 6 packs of TP but the CVS ad says extra bucks offer limit 1 per household with card?? How are you able to get multiple discounts? Thanks -- Holly

  4. Holly- The extra care buck offer states one, which usually means that you can only buy one per transaction. At the bottom of your CVS receipt it will state:
    "Cottonelle, Buy 1 Get 4EB"
    Quantity toward this reward 1 (meaning you already purchased one)
    Quantity needed to earn reward 1 (meaning you can purchase at least one more)

    According to other blogs, you can actually purchase six of these. Just make sure that you do it all in separate transactions. When you have reach the limit, it will say that the limit has been reached at the bottom of your receipt. I have a CVS card in my name and one in Michael's name, so I should actually be able to get 12 of these. The key to making this work is to spend the least money out of pocket. Check out my post "Yet Another Challenge" for a link to toilet paper deal scenarios at CVS. She had $25 EB's to start with so it was very little OOP (out of pocket) for her. I had none to start with so I had to spend a little, but I've been "rolling" them ever since.