Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hy-Vee RED HOT Deals, 1/16 - 1/17

Holy RED HOT cheese deal! I almost can't even believe it! Hy-Vee has some SUPER AWESOME deals going on this weekend and as you can probably tell, I think I'll be making a trip to stock up on cheese! (Once again, I S-U-C-K at the Eat From the Pantry Challenge. Sorry folks - I am not passing up $.20 cheese!) Here are the deals listed below:

Bananas, $.29/lb.
Kraft cheese, 5/$6 and get a $5 coupon to use on your next trip
Frosted flakes, $.99 (limit 2)
ground beef, $4.95/5 lb roll (limit 2)
Pepsi 2 liter, $.77 (limit 10)
Jacks pizza, $1.98
Hy-Vee 1/2 gal. orange juice, $.99

Happy Shopping!


  1. Lindsey,
    I am wondering how you organize your coupons? I need a new system. Eric always makes fun of me cuz I have to dig through them at the grocery store and it takes so long!

  2. I have a big dorky binder (think Trapper Keeper). I bought clear, baseball card inserts (can be found at Walmart near baseball cards) to organize them all in. I also have it divided up into sections: Cereal/snacks/bars, dairy/refrigerated/frozen, dry/canned goods/baking products, bread, juice/pop, and toiletries. In my toiletries section I have a page for deoderant, a page for shampoo, a page for toilet paper, etc. I used to cut out EVERY coupon but I am finding that is way TOO MUCH work and I then I don't end up using a lot of the coupons anyway. I am going to try to just cut out the coupons that I am pretty sure I'll use and then file them in my binder. THe rest I will leave un-clipped in a box at home so that if I find out about a great deal or money maker, I can pull them out, clip them and then put them in my binder. Hope that makes sense!