Monday, January 25, 2010

Eat From the Pantry Challenge - Week Four

Meal Plan Monday - Week Four

Monday - Loaded Baked Potatoes
Tuesday - Vegtable Soup, sandwich
Wednesday - Hamburgers, oven fries
Thursday - Sauteed vegetable wraps, bean dip
Friday - Grilled Steak, roasted vegetables
Saturday - Broccoli cheese soup, sandwich
Sunday - Homemade pizza


  1. Great meeting you at Walgreens yesterday! Couponing has also become a way of life for me, just since December. I have saved nearly $1,500 since then (including Christmas gifts) as a result of coupons and watching sales. Wow! It feels great, and allows me to work part-time while raising three kiddos. I'll be checking in often on your blog!

    Oh, did you look ahead about the Contour monitors.....I hope I gave you the correct info!

    Take care! Bri

  2. I'm still wishing I was eating at your house....

  3. Bri- It was great meeting you too! And thank you SO MUCH for giving me the heads up on the meters. I actually purchased some more coupons online yesterday. I have two kiddos in diapers and two in pull-ups so I hope to get enough RR from the meter deals to stock up on diapers and pull-ups for at least 4 months and hopefully more! The last time Walgreens had a really good diaper sale I spent $100 and had enough diapers to last me six months for two kids! I haven't kept a tally of what I've saved since last April, but my weekly budget is $100 now for all food and toiletries/diapers and I used to spend at least $250 a week! Judging by your cart on Sunday I would've guessed that you were a long-time couponer - it looks like you've mastered the skill very quickly! Good luck to you and please check in often - I hope to keep growing this blog and help more people in the Cedar Valley save money!

  4. Jen- We are eating pretty good but I'm really stinking it up at the pantry challenge! I've gone WAY OVER! In fact, I think I would have done better had I not been doing this challenge!