Wednesday, January 20, 2010


 Wow. Check out all of the great stuff that I found at Walgreens on Sunday! You'll never guess how much (I should say how little) I spent!

2- Gilette shampoo, clearanced at $1.59
-used (2) $1/1 MFC = $.59 each!
8- BonneBelle Lip Smacker Combo packs - clearanced at $1.59
-regular price of these was $5.99 at WAGS and $4.99 at Walmart!
6- BonneBelle Lip Smackers - clearanced at $1.09
-regular price of these was $2.99!
3- Lip Smackers, clearanced at $.65
-regular price was $1.99!
(I will use all of these for stocking stuffers, birthday gifts, and as party favors for Macy's upcoming birthday)
4- Lindsay olives, $.99 with in-ad coupon
-used $1/2 printable = $.49 each
Aveeno body wash, clearanced at $2.00
-used $2/1 printable = FREE
2- Bayer Meters, $14.99
-used (2)14.99 MFC = FREE + RR's
3- Cover Girl Powder, clearanced at $1.59
-regular price was $5.99
-I had $1/1 MFC's at home - that would have made these $.59 each - Darn!!
2- Quaker snacks, $.99 (these did not make the pic, but were really yummy on the ride home!)
-used (1) $.75/MFC

Total Paid = $3.39 o.o.p., $18.50 RR (Yeah, I'm cool like that!)


  1. So I'm a little slow, but that's gonna get you a LOT of freee diapers isn't it??? :)

  2. So they basically paid you $15 to take all of that stuff! That is cool.


  3. I was just at wags yesterday and I didn't see any cover girl clearance :( I may have to go back and double check, since that's on my list next week! I did, however, get the gilette shampoo last week, too! How many RR did you get for the bayer meters?