Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Target Bulk Items on HUGE Clearance!

So my love affair with Target is more of a love/hate kind of a thing. You see, I LOVE Target because they keep on having these AMAZING sales and deals and clearance items but I HATE Target because I am a deal-seeking, bargain-shopping, stock-piling kind of crazy woman and when I find premium toilet paper at just $.19 per double roll, I simply CANNOT pass it up! I had been doing really well the last couple of weeks sticking to my $100 grocery and toiletries budget. We even had friends over last weekend and I was able to buy some tasty adult beverages and lots of extra groceries for a big yummy dinner and I still stayed under budget. I was doing so good this week too.....spent maybe $16 total before I walked into Target. When I stumbled upon the warehouse/bulk clearance aisle it was all over for me and my budget. I actually had to take Tade out of his carseat (which was in the shopping cart) and carry him on my hip, and then fill his car seat, the rest of the cart, under the cart and then under Macy's feet (she was in one of those cool new 2-seater style of carts). I had almost 200 rolls of toilet paper jammed into my cart along with a HUGE box of baby wipes, and LOTS of other super-cheap stuff. I'd love to encourage you all to run out right now and get yourself to Target for some cheap goods too, but if you are in my town, you are OUT OF LUCK! The Cedar Falls and Waterloo Targets are out of everything other than some cereal and the Quaker oatmeal. (You wanna know how I know that right? Okay, okay, so I tried to go back today to get even MORE toilet paper! I swear I'm not crazy! I just love me some dirt-cheap tee pee!) Here is what I got and how much I saved buying it on clearance and with coupons:

1- box of 770 Pampers wipes  WAS: $15.99  PAID: $8.48
5- kids gloves                          WAS: $1.00    PAID: $.50
2- Quaker Oatmeal, 30pks      WAS: $6.99    PAID: $2.48 (used $1/1 MFC)
1-Softsoap refill, 2pk.              WAS: $6.99    PAID: $3.48
4- 3pk of gallon bags               WAS: $5.99    PAID: $2.48
5- 36 double rolls t.p.              WAS: $15.99  PAID: $6.98 (used $1/1 MFC)
1- Sharpie markers, 10ct.        WAS: $12.99  PAID: $2.94
1- packing tape, 4 rolls            WAS: $8.99    PAID: $4.18

Total amount before sales and coupons: $174.85
Total amount paid: $78.36
Total amount saved $96.49

Even though my stores are out of these items doesn't mean that every Target store is! If you find that your store still has some of these sale items left, please leave a comment and let us know where they can be found!


  1. I am SOOO jealous of your marker find. I could have had all my markers for preK the next 4 years. Good for you! :)

  2. I should have called you when I was there. I was thinking that on the way home, that you had to buy lots of markers for school this year - so sorry! They had a LOT of them last night but I didn't see any tonight. They moved all of the remaining clearance items to end caps today so now you really have to search the store to find everything. I did not look on the end caps by the markers/paper/shipping stuff tonight. Maybe they still had some left?

  3. I think I'm heading to Target today to see if they have any of that TP! I noticed things were on clearance last week in that section, but not THAT much on clearance. Hopefully there is some left!

  4. Hello, I am knew to your blog and totally love it!! My daughter and I were looking through your blog and saw the picture of all the Target deals, and my 9 yr old sees the picture and asks "Is That what they got for Christmas??"LOL! Wouldn't that be nice if we could get away with that. I just had to share the chuckle moment.

  5. Shelley- Thanks so much for checking out my blog! I checked out yours too and am totally inspired by all that you do at home and as an RN! You are amazing! I'm pretty sure my kids would be bummed about toilet paper and soap for Christmas but it sure would be practical now wouldn't it?!?

  6. Lindsey!! I'm super jealous of the tp deal you scored! I checked 3 Targets around Ankeny and nothing =( Good for you!!