Friday, February 26, 2010

My OAMC Master Plan for March

I am SO excited for this month's once a month cooking event! I did this last month kind of on a whim, and I only made a few things, but we have REALLY been enjoying all of the ready-to-go meals from the freezer! In fact, tonight we had enchilada pie, brown rice and homemade refried beans, all from the freezer, and it was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! I have a much more extensive list of goodies to freeze this month and I can't wait to get started! When I am finished, I will end up with so many pre-made meals in the freezer that I'll only have to cook one or two nights a week for the entire month of March (and I have really easy dinners planned on those nights)! I have also noticed that while it takes a few extra groceries to do the OAMC, I haven't had to buy nearly as many things on my weekly shopping trips; basically just milk, eggs and fresh produce. I truly think that the OAMC will not only make for some easy meals, but it will help me lower my monthly grocery spending every month as well.

I strongly encourage you all to give this OAMC thing a shot. You don't have to try and tackle a ton the first time - maybe just make a couple of lasagnas and stick them in the freezer. You will be amazed at how rewarding it is to take that yummy meal out of the freezer on a busy day and have dinner already made and ready to go! I know that my kids appreciated all of the tasty waffles they got to have this month for "special suppers." (AKA mommy needed something quick and easy so I could get the kids to bed quickly and easily!)

Here is my OAMC Master Plan for March:

Corn Dog Muffins x 2
Quinoa & Red Bean Burritos x 2 (I still haven't actually found quinoa. Can anyone help me on this one?)
Rice, chicken and spinach casserole x 2
Baked spaghetti x 3
Sloppy Joe meat - 4 lbs.
Brown Rice x 4
Crock-pot Refried Beans  x 2
Whole Wheat Waffles x 4
Cookies x 2
Rhubarb Shortcake Muffins x 2
Zucchini Bread x 2
Whole Wheat Pizza dough x 2

You can go here to see what Money Saving Mom is making this month. You can also go here to see how Money Saving Mom plans her once a month cooking and get free worksheets to help you get started!
Anyone going to join me on Monday? Please let us know in the comments section - I'd love to find out what you are all making!


  1. Not sure what quinoa is??? Okay, I've got corn muffins and chili plus spaghetti bake in my freezer now! :) Sounds like you've got a great menu this month. YAY for easy suppers!

  2. Quinoa is an ancient peruvian seed's really good and healthy! Just make sure to soak it for 12 hours in warm water before cooking with it (the box won't tell you this) because there are some major anti-nutrients if left unsoaked before cooking.

    Quinoa can be found in health food should be with the other grains/rice/etc. If you can't find it at your store, you could always order through amazon! Good luck!

    Oh, and I LOVE your inspiriation here. I am have not yet gotten into OMAC, but do a lot of crock potting. I want to try to get on board for this in the next few months, though. I think it would make life that much easier!!! Thanks for sharing your plan!


  3. I was wondering what you freeze your meals in? For instance, your caseroles? I am thinking about making meatloaf and since there are only two of us, one recipe can be made into a couple different meals, and this would be a great idea to not be wasteful. I usually don't cook big meals like that since we always have so many leftovers, but this would make it so much better!

  4. Trader Joe's has quinoa if you have a store near you.

  5. Carrie and Anon-
    Thanks so much for the heads up on quinoa. I've read that it is really good for you but for the life of me couldn't find it at Wal-mart. I will have to check out the local health foods store I guess. Thanks!

    Last month when I did casseroles, I laid tin foil out in the bottom of my pans, then assembled my casserole, covered the top with tin foil and then froze. Once it was frozen, I popped it out of the pan, wrapped it up tight with the foil and then a layer of saran wrap and stacked them in the freezer. I was going to use gallon bags, but they ended up being too long to fit in those. Instead of making one large meatloaf, I like to make mine in muffin tins now. Since we are doing Weight Watchers, it makes it really easy for us to measure our portions. Two meatloaf "muffins" equals one serving. Plus, they are really cute. You could do the same thing here. Mix together your meatloaf ingredients, put them into a muffin tin (not sure if you could just spray the tin or you might have to use tin foil again), pop them in the freezer and when they are frozen you could take them out and put them into a gallon freezer bag. Then on the day you want to eat them, take out as many as you need from the bag, stick them in the muffin tin and let them thaw out. (We do this with meatballs a lot)Good luck to you!

  6. Way to go Cort! Is it a little bit crazy that we plan the same meals all the time? Oh - and how did your family like the tuna melts? We are having them tomorrow night!