Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hump Day Hot Deals - 2/10/10

It looks like a rather slow week at the grocery stores. However, there are some great sales on bagged lettuce and some awesome produce prices at Aldi. Happy shopping everyone!

Hy-Vee - click here for weekly ad
Dole bagged lettuce, $.99
Betty Crocker cake mix, $.79
Hy-Vee applesauce, $1.76
Hy-Vee butter, $1.77 (with in-ad coupon)
Hunts Ketchup, $.99
Corn King bacon (3-day sale Th-Sat.), $1.77

Fareway - click here to view ad
Fareway ice cream, $1.49
Dole bagged lettuce, $.79 (GREAT Price!)
broccoli, $.99
cauliflower, $1.49
yellow onions, (3lb. bag) $.99
Hunts ketchup, $.99

Aldi - click here to view ad
navel oranges, (4lb. bag), $1.39 (GREAT price!)
cantaloupe, $.99
Apples, (3lb. bag) $1.69
Pears, (4 pack), $.99
Bacon wrapped beef filet, $1.79
one dozen roses, $16.99


  1. Hey Lindsey,
    I have noticed that we more than likely have different Fareway ads. Post cereal is $1.48 in my ad, and if you still have the $2/1 coupon, it makes it free plus .52 overage!

  2. Wow- gotta love getting paid for cereal! Thanks Kiley! I think the Fareway ads vary a little by city/area. I have checked out the Cedar Rapids ads before and they are always a little different than Cedar Falls. Who knows though, I could have other readers in Des Moines, right? Thanks for sharing the deal scenario!

  3. all fareway stores write their ads independently of each other, some stores group the ads if they share a common news paper source otherwise it will vary paper to paper,just take in any printed fareway ad to another fareway they generally match it,