Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Super Deals - Fareway, Hy-Vee and Walgreens

I didn't buy all that much this week, but I did find a few REALLY GREAT deals! First stop: Fareway! This week Fareway has their Gold Medal flour on sale for $.99 with in-ad coupon. There is a $.75/1 printable coupon that you can pair up with the Fareway coupon making a 5 lb. bag of flour just $.24!!! STOCK UP TIME! They also have a really good Kelloggs sale going on right now and they have a $5/5 Kelloggs cereal coupon in their weekly ad. Rice Krispies, Corn Pops and Apple Jacks are all priced at $2. Paired with various manufacturer coupons that are out there, you could get cereal for $.50 a box or less! (There were previously some $1.50/2 printables out there and I also found $1/2 Rice Krispie blinkie coupons in the cereal aisle.) I had two $3/3 MFCs in my coupon binder so I was able to get 10 of my boxes for just $.10 a box! How cool is that?!?!


Oh - I almost forgot! If you printed off some of the $1/2 Bar S printables that were available a while back, this would be a great week to use them at Fareway! They have their Bar S hot dogs priced at just $.88 and paired with the $1/2 coupon, they end up being $.38 a package! I am COMPLETELY stocked up for the summer! (I have many, many more already in my freezer! We may be having a weenie-roast every night, paired with Rice Krispie treats of course!)


Next stop: Hy-Vee! Hy-Vee also had a Kelloggs deal this week with a $5/5 in-ad coupon and cereal sales. Macy LOVES Shredded Mini Wheats so I decided to stock up on a few boxes of these for her. I purchased 5 boxes at $2.48 each. I then used the $5/5 in-ad coupon, two $1.50/1 printables and one $1/1 MFC that I found in the cereal aisle. I got all five boxes for just $3.40. I also picked up a couple bags of lettuce for $.77 which is the sale price this week. My last great find: Kraft cheese on clearance for $.99 a bag! Upon looking through the cheese bin, I found three bags of pizzaria cheese marked down to just $.50 a bag! Luckily I had two $1/2 MFC in my binder and was able to get 4 bags of cheese for just $.50!!! I see homemade pizza in our near future! Mmmmmm.....


My final stop this week was Walgreens, where it was reported that the Pull-Ups Cool Alert  were on clearance for just $3.19. Out of the four stores that I went to, I only found two packages of clearanced Pull-Ups. I bought the two Pull-Ups and one package of Huggies diapers. I used a $5/1 Huggies coupon, two $2/1 Pull-Ups coupons, a $3 Register Reward and paid $4.89 in cash. I then got back a $5 RR for purchasing three Huggies products! I love free diapers! I also bought two bottles of Purex, on sale this week for buy one at $5.99, get one Free. I used a B1G1 Free coupon to get two bottles of detergent for FREE!!! Yay!

I know that keeping a coupon binder organized and stocked up takes a LOT of work (and I curse it every week as I sit and clip and organize), but this week it paid off for me big time! I hope it inspires you to keep on with your couponing efforts as well!


  1. I was out doing the same. I found 4 packs of Pullups for $2.79 each, used 4--$2.00 off coupons paying $.79 x 4= $3.18/4 and received a $5.00 off RR :)
    Our Walgreens wouldn't let me get the Purex for Free, but I got Buy One, Get 3 FREE, rolled the $5.00 RR from the Pullups and paid $.99 for 4 bottles. I did it twice with RR so spent $1.98 for 8 bottles, still not as good as FREE.
    Picked up 3 packs of Tena Diapers $3.79 less $1.50 coupons for our big old rescued elderly dog.
    I rolled many rewards today (3 different stores) spending a total of $22.79 and got $224.00 worth of merchandise including 2 bags of FREE Oranges at Walgreens!

  2. Annystribe- You did WAY better than me - that is awesome! I've got two kids in diapers and two in pull-ups so when I see a great deal on Pull-ups and diapers, I've got to at least try to get in on the deals! I'm just glad that I was able to find a few things for all of my searching efforts. Congrats to you for your HUGE savings!