Saturday, May 23, 2009

Last Week's Deal-ios

Levi had a doctor's appointment on Thursday and though I did not have the energy to take the kids on a "big" shopping trip, I decided to make a couple of stops to see if I could find some good deals. First, we stopped at Walgreens where I got almost FREE baby wipes and then we went next door to CVS where I also did AMAZING, spending just over $1.00!!! Our final deal of the day was at Payless, where I got a pair of the croc-like shoes for Drew for just $2.14!! On Saturday we headed out for a day of haircuts and errands with daddy and the kids in tow. It actually went pretty smoothly at Target where Michael and I each loaded up a cart and then checked out in two seperate transactions as to not "over-do" it with too many coupons in one transaction. We also made a trip into Walgreens where I stocked up on bug spray for the year (they are terrible at our house already!) Check out my pics below to see how I did!

*On a side note, I probably will not do much shopping this week as Michael and I are headed to Des Moines on Friday for a friend's wedding, so I would much rather save up for a trip to Children's Place, just in case we have a little down time and need something to do!! If I see any great deals at Hy-Vee or Fareway tomorrow morning or any great coupon match-ups I will try and let you know so that you all can get in on the deals!

Trip #1
1- Planter's Nuts, $1.75 on sale
-used (1) $1/1 printable
2- Huggies wipes (184 ct.), $2.19 on clearance
-used (2) $2/1 Huggies product MFC
Total = $1.44

Trip #2
1- Colgate Whitening Tooth Paste, $4.49
-used (1) $1/1 MFC
-got $4.50 RR (overage of $.70)
1- Colgate Whitening Tooth Paste, $4.49
-used (1) $1/1 MFC
-got $4.50 RR (overage of $.70)
5 - Cutter bug spray, $3.29 on sale
-used (5) $2/1 MFC
2- ISU Koozy, $.75 (these were my filler items)
Total = $8.95 (bug sprays are about $4.99 each at regular price, so this was a great find!)

Transaction #1
2- Prilosec, $24.99 each
-Got $10 ECB back
(I picked these up for Grandma, so she will reimburse me for them)

Transaction #2
2- Sunsilk shampoo/conditioner, $1.07 on clearance
-used (1) $2/2 MFC
5 - Pepsi products, $12.00
1- Can deposit, $3.00
2- Accent plants, $1.49
2- Six packs annuals, $.99
-used $4 off $20 CVS coupon
-used $6 ECB from previous trip
-used $10 ECB from 1st transaction
Total= $1.11

12- Bliss candy bars, $.99
-used (12) $1/1 Target coupon
10- Pringles (small by registers), $.69
-used (10) $.50/1 Target coupon (expired)
7- Ritz crackers, $2.54
-used (7) $1/1 Target coupon (expired)
-used (7) $1/1 printable (using both made these $.54 a box!)
12- Quaker bites (small by registers) $.99
-used (12) $1/1 Target coupon (expired)
4- Crystal Light, $3.99
-used (2) $3.50/1 printable
-used (2) $2/2 printable
-used (4) $1/1 Target coupon (expired)
4- Crystal Light (3 pk. by register) $1.00
-used (4) $1/1 printable
2.08 lbs. red delicious apples, $2.47
-used (2) $1/1 Target coupon (expired)
2- Cottonelle toilet paper, $4.15 on clearance
-used (2) $1/1 printable (Go here to take the pledge!)
-used (2) $1/1 Target coupon (expired)
4- Kraft shredded cheese, $2.09
-used (4) $1/1 printable (see post here)
-used (2) $1/2 Target coupon (expired)
1- whole seedless watermelon, $2.99
4- Coppertone Sun Screen (trial size) $.99
-used (4) $1/1 printable (Use the $1 coupon from here, IE or Firefox)
Total before coupons = $93.05
Total after coupons = $14.17


  1. WAY TO GO!!! I am so jealous of your baby wipes, that's the kind I buy & they didn't have any on sale at Target last week! :(

  2. Lindsey, where are the walgreens and cvs located in waterloo and explain again what a filler item is for. thanks

  3. Where did you find the Coopertone trial size at Target? Thanks!

  4. In Waterloo, the CVS is actually in the mall. It is located by Sears. There is a Walgreens in Cedar-loo, in the K-Mart/Hy-Vee area (right off of University). There is also one on Ridgeway Ave across from Ben Franklin.

  5. The trail size Coppertone is located with all of the travel sized stuff. (In Waterloo, it is in the same isle as the hair dryers/curlers/straighteners)

  6. Where do you find the MFC's for Huggies?

  7. Go here to print off a $2/1 huggies diaper coupon. Remember the trick: I copied this from Firefox, so there will be a wg somewhere in the URL. Change the wg to a wi if you are using IE and it should work.

  8. Lynn- take a look at my post again...I will include the link for the Huggies coupon there since it wouldn't let me leave it as a comment.

  9. Thanks lindsey, I love reading your blogs!

  10. Thanks so much for all your great tips and ideas! It is so much fun saving money for my family!

  11. Can you still use the coppertone coupons at Target even though they say Walgreens on them?