Tuesday, May 12, 2009

86 Coupons Later.....

That's right...I used 86 coupons in one transaction at Target today. Now I know that may be pushing the limit, but in my defense, the store was NOT busy, there were NO lines, and after my extremely long glucola test this morning, I really didn't feel like making multiple trips in and out of the store. (Thanks Ginny for not getting upset with me! (Ginny is the BEST, most patient cashier ever at my Target store!)) Anyway.....here is what my transaction looked like:

13- Triscut crackers, $2.04
-used (13) $1/1 printable
-used (13) $1/1 Target coupon (using both makes these $.04 each!)
13- Wheat Thin crackers, $2.04
-used (13) $1/1 printable
-used (13) $1/1 Target coupon (using both makes these $.04 each!)
3- Crystal Light Drink Mix, $3.99
3- Crystal Light Skin Essential packets, $3.99
-used (3) $2/2 printable
-used (3) Get one CL Skin free when you buy any two Crystal Light products
-used (6) $1/1 Target coupon (using all three coupons makes these $.24 each)
2- Oscar Meyer Bologna, $1.84
-used (1) $1/2 printable
4- Easy Mac Cups, $.77
-used (2) B1G1 Free
-used (2) $1/2 printable (using both coupons gives an overage of $.23 for each cup)
1.02 lbs. red delicious apples, $1.21
-used (1) $1/1 Target coupon
1.03 lbs. large red delicious apples, $1.53
-used (1) $1/1 Target coupon
0.95 lbs. golden delicious apples, $1.61
-used (1) $1/1 Target coupon
8- Kashi waffles, $1.79
-used (8) $1.50/1 printable
1- Country Crock spread, $2.44
-used (1) $.55 MFC
1- Q-tips, $1.79
1- Ziploc baggies, $2.29
-used (1) $.40 MFC
6- Kraft mayo, $1.99
-used (3) $1/2 Target coupon
-used (6) $1/1 printable (using both coupons makes these $.49 each!)
Total Before Coupons= $116.97
Total Amount of Coupons= $100.21

Total Amount Due= $16.76

2- Large Eggs, $.99
6- Kelloggs Apple Jacks, $1.58
-used (6) $1/1 printable
9- Corn Pops, $1.58
-used (9) $1/1 printable
13- Kraft BBQ sauce, $.99
-used (13) $1/1 printable (makes these free!)
6- Kraft Ranch dressing, $.99 (awesome sale price!!!)
-used (6) $1/1 printable (makes these free!)
8 - Corn King 1lb. Bacon, $.99 (what a sale!)
1- Gallon skim milk, $2.33
Total Before Coupons = $54.74
Total Amount of Coupons= $34.00

Total Amount Due= $20.74

(PLUS, I got a $3 catalina to use on my next Hy-Vee stop, PLUS I got a $.07 discount on my gas when I left!)

Just in case you are wondering what $171.71 worth of groceries looks like, here it is:

And I only paid $37.50 for ALL OF THIS!!!!!


  1. LOVE it!!! I was hoping for an updated pic of the pantry... :)

  2. yeah...it is FULL! Gonna have to get some shelves set up in the basement storage room soon!

  3. Awesome! I just went to Hy-Vee today and saved $32.60 off my bill!

  4. Cortney,
    Lindsey can't even fit into the pantry to take another picture since it is so full!

  5. Staci- Aren't you loving Hy-Vee lately? I love their HOT DEALS!

  6. YES!! I love Hy-Vee because I really don't like the Target in Dubuque. It isn't a Super Target so they don't have some stuff and it is just always a pain when I go in there so I really try to get all of my best deals at Hy-Vee! Having good luck so far! :)


  7. I went to Target, HyVee and fareway yesterday! I got LOTS of stuff!!! My cupboards and freezer is completely full....so no buying anything for a while (unless next week there are some really good deals!:)


  8. That is the problem...I just CAN'T pass up those amazing deals each week! At least I won't have to worry about shopping for a while after the new baby arrives! (That justifies my craziness right???)